About the Trapeze Beach Camp

This is the first camp of its kind in the world, pass the boundaries of your body in a perfect world between ocean and sky.

Get Attention You Deserve

Trapeze Beach Camp Gold Package

If you like overcrowded mass training, standing in queues and little attention, then our beach camp is really not for you. Unless of course you prefer the opposite.

That is exactly what you will get: the special attention that you deserve as a special person to us. Our beach camp is very limited in the number of participants and that is for one reason only: So that you get our full attention, and you might find you can do things that you never thought you can – you wouldn’t be the first one!

Develop Your Aerial Skills

Trapeze Beach Camp Gold Package

You are here to learn right? You will learn many things and all of it step-by-step, like:

  • how to do handstand
  • how to build swing on trapeze
  • how to use your flexibility
  • how to prevent injury

And it doesn’t stop there. Choose extra lessons of any equipment you want to learn. We have got 8 different ones from lyra, bungee, tissu, aerial fitness, spinning, handstands, photo shoots and swinging trapeze.

Learn To Perform In The Air

Trapeze Beach Camp Gold Package

You will love the intimate atmosphere that encourages personal development and creativity. What is a gymnastic exercise without a story? Just a random collection of movements. We will teach you how to get from skills to a performance that tells a story.

  • How to create an aerial act for your favorite equipment
  • What aerial choreography really is
  • How to choose the music for your act
  • What skills you need for your act
  • How to move naturally in the air and more

This is a 9 hour aerial creative workshop.

Make Friends For Life

Trapeze Beach Camp Gold Package

Is it the fresh air, the water or the location? Somehow there is this magic in the air. People arrive as strangers and depart as friends for life.

It is simply a unique group experience on the beautiful white sands of Ballina Beach and those memorable moments that make you wish you wouldn’t have to go home.

Indulge In The Amazing Location

Trapeze Beach Camp Gold Package

Have you ever seen a trapeze in the water, surrounded by nothing but blue skies? Well, there is only one in the world. Indulge in this natural ambience. Focus on your movement and expression and unite with the blue sky and the water around you.

Learn From The Best

Trapeze Beach Camp Gold Package

Learn from the best, guided by former Cirque du Soleil Star Olga Sidorova, her elite team, including world-class guest teachers and learn secrets in a few days that would take years to learn with conventional aerial training. A week of fun and fitness at a fabulous getaway location is just a few steps away.

Enjoy The Full Packed Event

Trapeze Beach Camp Gold Package

And when there is “nothing” on? Well, if you prefer the “quiet” time or if you want to explore more things, there is so much to choose from you would have to stay another two weeks just to get through everything! Friday is our performance day and can choose to be part of it, showing a live audience all you have learnt during the Trapeze Beach Camp. The day will be spent rehearsing for the evening performance after which will be the graduation!

Photos Forever

Trapeze Beach Camp Gold Package

If you want photos for your professional profile or just everlasting memories to share with your family and friends, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Bring your special outfit, tell the story you always wanted to tell, be choreographed by Olga for memorable shoots in paradise that will last forever.

And if you are up for it, join the friendly competition to become the face of the next trapeze beach camp!

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