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About Our Photos

“Aerial photography requires a special feel to capture the movement in space without losing intimacy with the artist. It’s a skill that is difficult for someone who has never been in the air to understand. Now Dancing in the Air offers this service to artists for their own promotion and audition materials.”

Creator and Founder – Olga Sidorova


1 hr photo shoot session with 2 photographers.

Artistic direction from Olga Sidorova.

3 x A4 prints. (included)

3 x A4 digital prints. (watermarked and are the same prints as above so you can share online)

Private viewing session.

Photo Album

Also photo albums available. 11 pages, hard cover. *Note only available with a photo shoot. Inquire now!

Dancing in the Air Photography Album





Question & Answers

What should I bring?    

Bring several changes of clothes that you would like to be photographed in, we do not provide make up services so you will to take care of this yourself. Make sure you look your best so your photos will be the best.

Do you do nude photography?    

Yes we do, we require people who wish to be photographed nude to inform us of their request before hand, the standard agreement that is signed by all customers applies, acknowledging Dancing in the Air as copyright owner of all photos taken and that no nude photos will be used for promotion with out your approval. Our sessions are very private so you will feel very comfortable with our photographers.

What if I have never been in the air before?    

It doesn’t matter! Our expert Olga will be on hand to assist you, you have the chance to choose different apparatus and it can be lowered to the ground as much as is necessary. You will have a lot of fun that is for sure.

Who owns copyright of photos?    

Dancing in the Air owns and retains all ownership and copyright over the images photographed in photo sessions as per the standard agreement.

When can I view my photos?    

We go through a detailed and time-consuming process to ensure only the very best photos are selected for you to view. You can also buy one of our many packages and other items during the viewing session, so please come prepared with that in mind.

For attendees who do not live in Sydney we will attempt to arrange a viewing for you during the camp. For those living in Sydney we will arrange a time for you to meet at our office and view your photos there.

When do I receive my prints?    

Digital prints will be available for immediate download, prints will delivered usually within 7 days after making your selection via our online system.