Jack Dawson

Congratulation to Jack Dawson on his AERIAL SLINGS act graduation!

Dancing in the Air Jack Dawson

Interview with Jack Dawson

Jack moved from Queensland to Sydney at the age of 17 to be able to study with Dancing In The Air® and become a professional artist.

Under the guidance of Olga Sidorova, in 4 years of intensive training together they have developed 3 acts. In this time he boosted his skills in the aerial net, the aerial sling, handstand, contortion and other disciplines dramatically.
Jack was the first to perform combinations, such as the 1.5 pirouettes on slings in one point and over 3 pirouettes in his combination.

The dedication and hard work led to the beginnings of a professional career. His first employment was in the permanent dinner show in one of Sydney’s most popular venues, the Slide.

He has also completed the teacher training program under Dancing in the Air®. With this he got employment in local aerial clubs and was also a trainer for 3 years at the Trapeze Beach Camp.

Jack has shown absolute dedication to his goals. This is true commitment and a real success story!

How did you discover circus?

When I was a child, I vividly remember seeing a clip on the TV from Cirque Du Soleil. I saw the astounding things they were doing, and remember thinking this is what I WANT to do. Anytime I’m asked about my ‘dreams’ this is the only memory or feeling that I have ever associated with the idea of having a dream.

But it wasn’t until later that I actually tried anything like it. At the age of 14 I did my first circus class and I loved it, but stopped after 6 months. After I graduated from school at the age of 17, I decided to move to Sydney in pursuit of a career in circus! And that’s when I met olga 😀 Since then we’ve been training and creating many projects full time exclusively for the past 4 years.

What has it been like to train with Olga?

Training with Olga has been a truly rewarding experience. Because her approach is so individual and personal, the environment that we established was a very nurturing and educational atmosphere.

Olga and I have very similar personalities, so we clash a lot! But we are very good friends and I am so grateful that she still puts up with my crazy personality in order to create something unique together. She is my mentor, not only my teacher and I love her!

I started with very basic abilities, and have built them up over the last 4 years with Olga, and used these skills to create my acts. We pushed the physical and creative boundaries of human ability in order to help me become an original circus artist. And originality is certainly key, which is what one of the most standout features of DITA’s approach to circus artistry is. We try to never copy another’s work, and create original performances through this approach.

What was the Trapeze Beach Camp like?

The most interesting thing about TBC is the environment of the camp. I have been apart of it for 3 years now, the most recent year as a teacher. We do not base the camp around skill levels or separate from each other based on physical ability, which helps to create a non judgmental environment.

It attracts people from all around Australia, and even overseas of all different disciplines. We like to celebrate circus and aerial arts in such a relaxing environment, where everyone supports each other and forge lasting friendships. Plus there isn’t really anything else like it in Australia, where you can learn and feel free to express yourself outside of a studio environment which is so much fun!

How do you like working in show business?

I have always been very shy. I began working professionally in nightclubs in Sydney, and recently have signed a contract with a resident dinner show ‘El Circo’ at Slide.

I remember my first professional performance. I was terrified when waiting to go on stage, but as soon as I get on and the music starts, I feel like my personality completely changes, which has given me much more confidence. Its almost like magic… or maybe I’m just crazy and don’t realise it haha! It reaffirms my passion, and I understand that its where I belong.

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