Artist Act Creation

Act Creation

Creation for Professionals

Our concept for Act Creation is a highly individualized process to create a finished stage-ready product for sophisticated audiences that is more than the sum of its parts. A creation in which your every breath, every touch and every movement in the act belongs to you and has a reason to be there. A creation in which you take an emotional as well as physical journey through aerial space, through stillness and flight, creating your own unique rhythm.

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Creation for Fun

Act Creation is for everybody! Olga Sidorova, former Cirque du Soleil star, offers an experience that is playful, non-judgemental and creative.

Acts can be created for;

  • burlesque and pole dance competitions or performances
  • Christmas, Halloween, Birthday Parties or Weddings
  • dance and theater performances
  • community events
  • corporate events
  • or any special occasion…

Creation Components

Skill development is what people usually think of when they want to create an act. While good skills are essential, it is limiting to focus solely on skills.
1. This is a continual process of analysis where your strengths and weaknesses are determined. One size does not fit all.
2. Creative Solutions are a key component in everything we do, including Act Creation. Creativity and improvisation will give you freedom to express yourself more fully.
3. We want you to explore your deepest self, your hopes and fears and express your unique personality through movement in space.
4. Only 30% of Act Creation is done in the studio. The other 70% is done researching, looking for potential and unique opportunities.
5. The final stage is bringing all these elements together to create a breathtaking pattern of aerial grace.

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