Aerial Fitness

Aerial Fitness by Dancing in the Air®

olga-protrait-aerial-training-sydneyAll I have achieved is thanks to the classic Russian technique. And it has shaped so many Russian top performers across so many artistic disciplines. 

Our aerial fitness, contortion or hand balancing training is all based on these techniques that will help you master these skills.

Our training happens in small classes of 2-6. You will get your own exercises that I develop for you to achieve your individual goals. Enjoy the fun, motivation and flexible schedules of a small group.

Get a taste of how our training really works. Just check out some of our videos on Facebook below!


Dancing in the Air offers several disciplines:

1. Aerial Fitness

This is the base where where we develop all strength and conditioning. In these sessions, we evaluate your movements patterns on the ground and in the air. Here you will learn static, dynamic and rotation movements in a graduated fashion.

You will build core stability and long lean muscle required for acrobatic and aerial work. We address many of the different components of fitness through body weight training. You are the machine. You work with your own body to develop the important foundation required for performance.

2. Contortion

Contortion training aims to achieve the aesthetic lines, extension and shapes. These are highly desirable for aerial and acrobatic performance. We work to increase your flexibility and achieve your potential particularly in the areas of splits, shoulders and back.

Each person has their own strengths. We take this into account when designing your individual contortion program.

3. Hand Balancing

Upside down Russian hand balancing technique is very different from handstands. What we do is teach alignment. This training enables you to feel your body so that you can balance in a variety of challenging positions.

It allows the ability to stand upside down for a long time and move the body through the equilibrium.

Check out some videos and photos to see what Dancing in the Air is about (scroll down the Facebook timeline):


Anyone at any level of any background can come along. Groups are kept small, with an average of 2-4 students in each class. Small groups ensures quality of training and optimum learning.


We train outdoors at Prince Alfred Park, next to Central station.


Times adjust depending on everyone’s availability. It is easy to work out a time that suits you. Our classes are often from 10am to midday on a Tuesday, Friday or Sunday.

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