Siberia to Soleil Part3

Siberia to Cirque du Soleil

Dancing in the Air Siberia to Cirque du Soleil

Interview with Dancing in the Air founder, Olga Sidorova

…she was young and ambitious but one thing she did not realize is that trapeze is hard and it takes years to be at that level. For some it may take all their life.

Can you tell us about your relationship with Shana Carroll, who was the original solo trapezist in Saltimbanco?

I was very strong with athletic performance and doing tricks, but Shana taught me how to be a complete artist in the air, using choreography and emotion. This was hard to learn from traditional male coach, and working with Shana at the other end of my stage career really opened me up and inspired me to start my own aerial company, Dancing in the Air.

What was it like performing in front of an audience for the first time?

Most artists love to perform in front of an audience, but not me. I just could never understand why do I have to show myself to 2000 people. Only by the end of my career, when I was performing in Saltimbanco was I ready to share my wings with the audience. I think that is when I let go and became a real artist and felt free to share my gift with everyone around.

What about performing in Saltimbanco for the first time?

My coach and I had created a new technique on trapeze that had never been performed before, so I felt comfortable joining a new show.


Read more about Olga’s life and philosophy in Dreams of the Solo Trapeze: Offstage with the Cirque du Soliel, by Mark Schreiber. This is the only book ever written about the lives of Cirque du Soleil performers.
Dreams of Solo Trapeze by Mark Schreiber

I would like to thank Shana Carroll for being my personal inspiration and creative support to drive me to succeed with Dancing in the Air.