Siberia to Soleil Part2

Siberia to Cirque du Soleil

Interview with Dancing in the Air founder, Olga Sidorova

I think trapeze is perfect for my personality. I define everything above trapeze and everything below like in life. The bar is the link because it is in space and that is what holds me there. I found in life we have the same: ying and yang, day and night, man and woman; it is these links and connections that keeps us alive. Trapeze is all about attraction to heaven and earth but it also can create conflict between two of them, like in a real life. I feel untouchable when I am there. It is like a perfect world.

What did it feel like when you finally got to practice on the trapeze?

Now I look back at myself and my journey and wow, I can’t believe it is me! I went all the way from a very small town in Siberia just under the age of 13 to Moscow on my own, where I found my coach at the famous Moscow Circus School When I saw him I understood he is the one who will teach me how to fly. But I had to prove myself. I followed him for almost two years before he realized nothing could stop me and the air is my place to be.

What was trapeze like?

All I know is that trapeze was never for me just a bar or piece of metal. I talk to her like I would talk to the person who would hold me in life, who gives me breath. Trapeze was my world and space where I wanted to exist. I am Trapeze.

How did you train Dasha Vintilova, who became a trapeze artist in Cirque du Soleil?

I thought everyone who is up in the air must feel the same as me, as we share this magic world where there is so much space, a freedom that people on the ground could never experience. But everyone has their own reason to put themselves up in the air and I realized that only after I met Dasha. Some people want to travel, so circus is the perfect place. Some people can earn better money than in their home country, so circus is the perfect place. Dasha originally was from Ukraine where there was no future for her, and also she grew out of her position in Saltimbanco, the Cirque du Soleil show, because it was for a small child. I saw potential in her and we started training. I did that for free while I performed 10 shows a week….

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